Refusing Refugees, Limiting Freedom

We’re not against the Syrians, we’re against ISIS. Connecticut’s positive decision of bringing Syrian refugees into the state is one that I agree with.

If our borders are closed and we refuse refugees, we are limiting the freedom we claim to provide. What freedom do these oppressed refugees have? Many of them will suffer and parish, among them children and women. We can at least alleviate some of the pain by providing them with a haven.

Agreeably, this decision seems worrisome considering the facts brought to us from the attack in Paris, Nov. 14. It had been reported that one of the suicide bombers was found with a Syrian passport, but this does not mean all Syrians are terrorists. While people do have the right to be upset we need to realize that Syrians are not the problem, the ISIS members are.

It’s not ethical to group together Syrians and Muslims with the ISIS groups. Just how it is not ethical to group together the Ku Klux Klan with all Christians.

We cannot condemn Syrians for the horrendous acts that occurred. These refugees are not coming to destroy out homes but to make new ones for themselves. They are broken down families who have fought and are still fighting. They are simply trying to save themselves and receive the freedom they deserve as human beings.

I am confident that our security system is up to par with checking up on these newcomers. The refugees must undergo a rigorous application in order to be accepted into the United States. INSERT PROCESS. According to Malloy this security process takes 12 to 18 months.

There are far easier processes to go through with entering the United States. Terrorists trying to infiltrate the U.S would most likely come through working or student visas, or as tourists.

Before thinking about this as a crazy, irrational decision, we need to remember who we are and where we all come from. We are a country that has grown exponentially due to the many refugees and immigrants who have come to better their lives as well as their families. Our ancestors came wanting freedom for themselves, who are we to shut out the Syrians who beg for the freedom of themselves and loved ones?

Of course there are always some risks, our ancestors themselves weren’t always easily welcomed. There is always a risk, but we should not be afraid while doing the right thing. “Women were raped. Children were damaged. People have lost limbs. We have an obligation as Americans to do our part in those situations,” Governor Malloy said, and I agree.

With over half of the nation’s governors stating that Syrian refugees are not welcomed, I am proud to be a resident in Connecticut. According to United Nations, Syrians are now the world’s largest refugee population. It’s a shame that because of the tragic event in Paris we would stop allowing Syrian refugees to enter our states.

ISIS has instilled a fear on many across Europe and now the United States which is unfortunately affecting millions seeking out freedom. Refusing Syrian refugees is like limiting the freedom we claim to provide. When we’re not letting them in, we’re proving to be a nation that isn’t free.

©Angela Angulo


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